Gin Matoes 40

Reference: BMGINMAT40

Gin Baciamano Matoes is a gourmet gin produced with the best juniper harvested on the Balkan coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, with tomato water from Salento, one of the most prized varieties of tomatoes in the world and are an Italian excellence and caper flower buds, harvested when they are still small and tender, from a typical and original Mediterranean plant.

Its taste is unique, the tomato is central and perceptible and adds depth and richness, the caper flower buds bring a sour and salty flavor, intensifying the overall taste of the distillate.

On the palate it is complex, sweet and intense, with a slight bitter and sour aftertaste.
Tomatoes and capers are full of flavor and provide the gin with a touch of acidity, tanginess and umami.

The scent is of tomato a pleasure for the senses, fresh, sweet and sour.
It reminds us of summer, the countryside and family evenings.
It is a perfume that takes us back to a time when everything was simpler and happier.
It is a perfume that brings us home.

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Data sheet

Capacità 50cl
Gradazione alcolica 40% ABV
Paese di Origine Italia
Regione Lombardia
Area, Città Milano
Stile Gin