BACIAMANO ITALIAN FINEST SPIRITS is an Italian brand born in 2018 from an immoderate passion for spirits so much so that the slogan has become:

"we have always been drinking, we have been distilling since yesterday"

Traveling the world and trying countless spirits, the desire to return to simplicity was born, accompanied by the constant search for the highest quality raw materials.

We started with a gin, our favorite spirit, and decided to go against the grain by using just one fundamental botanical: juniper.

The one used in Baciamano gins is harvested on the Balkan coasts of the Mediterranean, where the heat releases its resinous scent.

From this base a line of gin with particular tastes and strengths was derived.

Not just gin though, our curiosity has moved towards the world of bitters and liqueurs and shows no sign of stopping.






a spirits brand of


Via Bruno Buozzi 21/27

20072 Pieve Emanuele

Milano - Italy